The correct packaging of goods is essential for the package to arrive intact. Here are some tips, guided by our experience:

  • We recommend that you, as a private client or a company, be careful when packing the items to prevent them from damage, friction and vibration
  • For us to handle your shipment properly, please attach a handling label, which you can download and print HERE
  • Write on or attach a label to the shipment containing the following information:
  • SENDER with precise names, address and contact numbers
  • ADDRESSEE with precise names, address and contact numbers
  • Choose an appropriate package for your shipment. For example, a cardboard or plastic box. If you are sending a fragile shipment, opt for a wooden box
  • We suggest that you only use an appropriately sized package for each shipment, as the shipment cost is calculated based on size.
  • If the package contains several parts or details, pack them separately in bubble wrap or packaging wrap. It is also possible to use paper, such as old newspapers, for packaging. Make sure that there is no friction between the parts and that they aren’t touching the larger transport box.
  • Place the shipment inside the larger box. Fill the space with appropriate packaging material. You can use paper, newspapers, bubble wrap or styrofoam granules. Make sure that the items do not move inside the larger box – check this by lightly shaking the box. If necessary, add more material.
  • When packing appliances – computers, TVs and other technical equipment – we suggest that you use the original packaging.
  • It is important to properly seal the item. Use wider and stronger tape to ensure that the boxes will not open during transit. Seal the sides of the box with tape as well.
  • Attach a label with the sender’s and addressee’s addresses, contact numbers and names.
  • Also include a handling label.
  • Heavy shipments should be placed on a pallet.
  • By following these rules, you have done your best to ensure that your shipment arrives intact.
  • Proper packaging is the responsibility of the sender.
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