Temporary and long-term storage
Receipt of goods at warehouse
Quantity and condition control
Collection and sorting services

The prerequisite for warehouse logistics is a comprehensive overview of the goods inside a warehouse, including their flow in and out.

We offer complex warehouse logistics, such as storage, assembly, sorting, marking, labelling and delivery. We also offer support with excise and customs documents. We wish to be an inseparable part of our clients’ supply chains by offering fully integrated logistics services.

ALPI Estonia warehouse is located at:
Loomäe tee 8, 75306 Lehmja, Rae vald, Harjumaa

Excise warehouse for alcohol and tobacco
Excise warehouse number of operation EE1B001780101
We offer excise warehouse services for alcohol and tobacco products. The services offered by the excise warehouse are storage, tax labelling, assembling, photographing and excise-related consultancy.

Customs warehouse
Customs warehouse number of operation EE1310EE, airport border checkpoint.

The warehouses are insured with warehouse keeper responsibility insurance according to the ELEA Warehouse General Terms and Conditions.


We stick to agreements, deadlines and regulations and hold ourselves responsible for our promises and actions. We strive to be on time and innovative and we are ready to adapt to the market. We value teamwork and achieving results together.


We value new ideas, suggestions and skills to improve and enhance workflow, improving the workflow of the client in turn.
In organising our work and offering services, we focus on cost efficiency and sustainability.


We focus on the client’s needs by trying to find suitable solutions and implementing them as a team.
We can adjust our workflow according to the client’s needs.
We work responsibly in the interests of our company and to preserve its reputation.
Clients’ wishes present an interesting challenge to us because we are loyal and proud of our work.


We care about our colleagues and the assets and expectations of clients and the company.
We save the environment by improving efficiency and in turn reduce the unnecessary waste of resources and environmental pollution.
We are fair and respectful to our colleagues and partners.