SDR, or special drawing rights, is an international currency basket which comprises so-called hard currencies like the euro, the Japanese yen, the pound sterling and the US dollar. The value of the SDR is calculated on business days, with the exception of days on which the IMF is closed. The content of the currency basket is reviewed and updated every five years. The currency code for Special Drawing Rights is SDR.

Cargo units

The calculation of volume of goods is based on the following weight/volume indicators:
1 EUR pallet (1.2×0.8m) = 740 kg
1 FIN pallet (1.2×1.0m) = 925 kg
Full load (13.6×2.4×2.7m) = 24,000kg
1 ldm (linear meter of length of tilt trailer) = 1,850 kg
1 cbm = 333 kg

Dimensions of trucks/trailers

Semi-trailer: 13.6m long, 2.48m wide, 2.7m high
Mega-trailer: 13.6 m long, 2.48 m wide, 2.9 m high
Trucks: 7-8 m long, 2.45 m wide, 2.2-2.6 high

ADR or dangerous goods

In the case of ADR dangerous goods, the vehicle that loads ADR goods must have a special licence to carry them and the driver must have a certificate for carrying ADR goods, i.e. must have completed the respective training.

ClassClass NameTypical substance
1Explosives and items made from them, e.g. pyrotechnic itemsdynamite, shells
2Compressed, liquefied and dissolved gaspropane, butane, O2, acetylene
3Flammable liquidspetroleum, kerosene, solvents
4.1 Flammable solidsred phosphorus
4.2Pyrophoric substanceswhite phosphorus, flash powder
4.3Substances which emit flammable gases in contact with waterNa, K, carbide
5.1Substances promoting ignition (oxidising substances)hydrogen peroxide, chlorates
5.2Organic peroxidesbenzyl peroxide
6.1Toxinsphenols, lead compounds
6.2Substances with a foul odour and infectious substancesnon-tanned leathers
7Radioactive substancesthorium
8Radioactive substancessulphuric acid, alkalis
9Other dangerous substancesasbestos

CMR or waybill of carriage by road

CMR is an official international waybill of carriage by road transport accompanied by CMR insurance. The Customer is not required to pay for CMR insurance separately. In accordance with CMR insurance, the liability of the carrier is limited and amounts to a maximum of 8.33 SDR per kilo of gross weight.

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